With a Healthy range of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - #Add a little Jamba to your day

Life is what you make of it. And the choices you make truly represent your lifestyle. Your day can be packed, full of daily chores, deadlines, but it is imperative to take out a little time for yourself and add a dash of 'health' to it. No idea what to do?

Just #AddALittleJambaToYourDay! Yes it is that simple to choose a healthy way of life. From super food smoothies to wellness bowls, from salads to sandwiches, simply #AddALittleJambaToYourDay and let goodness take over!

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Limited Time Offer AED 99

One Day Detox Plan - Standard Price AED 149

 Enjoy Our Detox Juices in the Following Order:

12 servings of fruit & veggies

  1. Morning starter - Sweet Beet
  2. Mid-morning energizer - Tropical Greens
  3. Midday refresher - GingerZinger
  4. Mid-afternoon energizer - Tropical Greens
  5. Evening boost - Spicy Lemonade
  6. Night delight -Cashew Delight


A couple of days before starting the program, reduce the amount of processed food, caffeine and added sugars you consume. This slow transition will get your body adjusted to healthier choices.


Drink your juices 2 hours apart. Drink your bottle of juice when you wake up or when you normally have breakfast.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


Here are a few suggestions to tide you over: 
Cucumber slices • Half avocado wrapped in lettuce • Celery sticks • Vegetable broth • A handful of nuts • Red pepper slices • Snap peas • Carrots • Broccoli and cauliflower • Cherry tomatoes


If you are up to it, take 1-2 light walks a day or enjoy a light verion of your normal exercise routine


Congrats, you made it! It incorporates more whole foods in your journey to healthier eating.

If you feel unwell or suffer any side effects, stop the plan immediately, and consult your health care professional. Consult your physician or health care provider before starting any diet, weight loss or special meal plan. Your results may vary.


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