Jamba Juice now opened at City Center Me'aisem

Jamba Juices is here in City Centre Me'aisem - Go Jamba Jamba right away

There is an excitement in the air, there is happiness all around Dubai! Do you know why?
We'll, City Centre Me'aisem has opened in the south of Dubai and there is an even bigger reason for everyone to celebrate...yes, your very own Jamba Juices is here! Now you can enjoy the world's best smoothies! 
So what are you waiting for? Go Jamba Jamba right away!

Here is a glimpse of what day 1 at MeCC looked like:
Jamba moves stole the show!
People stopped whatever they were doing – took video clips and selfies. And what happened when they decided to order? Well, they couldn’t decide who to go on a date with - Date with Dates or Date an Avocado? Hello Halloumi or Do Gooder Doner? Whatever they finally decided to chose, they were assured that these Healthy 4 U smoothies, sandwiches and desserts were completely in tandem with their healthy, active lifestyle.

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